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Our Story

The Doryman established itself early on as the place for local musicians in Cape Breton.  Supporting the growth and exposure of local talent was an important role for the pub, which in turn was supported by the community – both the local Cape Breton community and the much larger music community.

Our story spans four decades and shows no signs of slowing down. As we look to the future and continue supporting and celebrating our rich local music scene, it is also important to take a look back at the memories which helped build The Doryman and its reputation.


The current structure was built in 1966 and opened under the name Surfside Tavern. 

( a full detailed history story is in progress, we are on the hunt for older pictures also )

Musical Memories

Over the years, The Doryman has hosted many talented performers who contributed to our reputation for great live music.  The Doryman Stage isn’t big in size, but it is certainly big in talent. If our stage could talk it would rhyme off hundreds of performers who danced, played, sang and amazed crowds from its small, elevated corner. 

We all have memories of good times at The Doryman. Here are some of ours.  Some are recent, others are “not-so-recent”:

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